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Matthew Allard is a writer and an Internet geek. He is the author of two books, To Slow Down The Time (2010) and Pops and Clicks (2013). One his short stories has been adapted into a short film.

He likes music and headphones, coffee, photography, vintage cameras and film, illustration, graphic design, architecture, cycling, tattoos, yoga, and beer.

This is his blog.

Los Angeles, lately.

I don’t think I want to live here forever. I’ve said it’s not a forever place, that maybe there isn’t a forever place that exists for me, that probably there shouldn’t be. It’s an inspiration thing, even though another thing I don’t think is that it’s possible to use up all the inspiration in one place. There is always more inspiration, as if pulling a bucket from an infinity well; the thing is simply that there is inspiration in all places, and sometimes you want to drink from the wells in those places for a year or two or eight.


Right now, in January, I can’t help thinking of those wells as frozen, depressed, gray, shivering and not laughing. Right now, in January, I can’t help thinking there’s anywhere else to be besides underneath the sun when it hits this place and makes me smile.


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