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Matthew Allard is an author, creative copywriter, and Internet geek. Some of his stories were inspired by illustrations from Ian Dingman and made into a book called To Slow Down The Time. One of those has been adapted into a short film.

His latest project is called Pops and Clicks.

This is his blog.

Most Favorite Books I Read in 2011

Kinda bored of the whole countdown thing, but I enjoy recommending things I like so that you can like them too. (Personal Opinion Alert!) The best books that I read in 2011 were both by the same authorβ€”Adam Ross.

Mr. Peanut (2010) and Ladies and Gentlemen (2011), a collection of seven short stories, are my favorites from this year. What I like about these books is the way that Ross is able to expertly combine both plot and prose. In my opinion, there is a lot of writing that only excels at one or the other; you can craft either a twisty page-turner or a deeply felt examination of the human condition. When writers attempt both, I find that one usually ends up suffering for the other. Not so in this man’s case. Adam Ross is an exciting storyteller and a brilliant writer.

(Source: Flickr / faceinthecrowd)

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